The city of Shiva, the city of Natraj, the city of Mahadev, the city of Bhole Shankar, the city of Baidyanath, DEOGHAR  where one of the twelve Jyotirlingas of Lord Shankar is situated, on such a holy land, the dream of having “SWADESHI PRODUCTS” was dreamt before a period of about 3 Decades by Late Kailash Nath Shroff and he started working towards the success of this dream.
The Foundation of Sarada Rice along with many other Brands was laid for about 3 decades by Late Kailash Nath Shroff.
Mr. Navin Shroff, the son of Late Kailash Nath Shroff and Chairman of Maa Sarada GROUP is continuing the legacy of “SWADESHI PRODUCTS” and treading the pathways that was shown by his father. He is continously expanding the food sector and agri-business with the blessings of God and his father. Maa Sarada GROUP is on it’s way to success due to the love of the customers and the belief that they have in the Brand. We have our plans to take all the brands, one of which is Sarada Rice, Baba Gold Rice, to National and International Level and we hope to get even more Success in future by our Good Quality, Team work, honesty and hard work together with the grace of God and the love and belief of the Customers, Suppliers and Well-wishers.